The Founding

Our story begins in one of the last pagan arabian clans in ancient Qatar. A girl was born into the al-Alihah clan. She was named Akilah. When She was 16, Her father made a pact with a neighbouring clan: the al-Dib. They had converted to islam few years earlier. So had decided to do Akilah’s father, Aaqil, also. Akilah hated the idea, but She agreed to the marriage, hoping to reestablish the old faith. She was a wise and dominating woman. People started to call Her Califia Akilah. She had a plan, but it was discovered. So, She ran away. On the way to China, She was joined by other pagans living along the route. The journey lasted few years. When She arrived in Chang’an, She had over 700 followers. Before the new journey, She set up a secret office for people, who also supported Her cause or wanted to venture to the New World. With additional ca 200 followers, She travelled to the coast in search of a master shipwright. She found one, named Master Shui Tau Ju. He built a magnificent flagship and 30 smaller ships. The hard wayfare lasted a year. About 200 people had died during the venture. She and Her people settled among the Miwok. She made a pact with them, Akilah would protect the people and establish a prosperous country, while the people of the New World would give their leadership to Her. In 645, March 18th, She officially created a new country. The nation’s task was eliminating monotheism from the entire planet. So came to be one of the greatest states in the world. Akilah was called the Mother Califia, Empress of all that is good.


Event chronology:

618 A.D. – Akilah is born

632 A.D. – the al-Dib clan converts to islam

634 A.D. – Akilah marries into the al-Dib clan

638 A.D. – Her plan is discovered and She leaves the clan, retaking Her old name: al-Alihah

640 A.D. – She arrives in Chang’an, later in the year journeyed to the coast

642 A.D. – the ships are finished and the venture to the New World is undertaken

643 A.D – She and Her people land on the shores of the Miwok Bay

644 A.D. – an agreement is established to create the nation of California, named for Her

March 18, 645 – Official establishment of the Californian nation under Akilah’s rule



Her name is meant to mean „Intellectual of the Gods“, I don’t know if it is written correctly, so help would be appreciated. Her clan name should mean „of the Gods“. The other clan shuld mean „of the Bear“. The chinese shipbuilder’s name should mean „Master Buffalohead“. I hope the names are correct, if not, please give some grammar and translation advice. Thank you! Answers and questions put in the „Leave a Reply“ section. And the blog is a WIP.